Tree Branch on a Power Line? We've Got it Covered.

Tree Branch on a Power Line? We've Got it Covered.

Call on us for dependable bucket truck work in Wayne, NJ and surrounding areas

Do you need a qualified professional to repair damaged power lines or broken street lights? Masten Electric, LLC provides top-notch bucket truck work for commercial property owners in the Wayne, NJ area.

We can access hard to reach areas so you won't have to put yourself at risk. Count on us to trim trees that are growing too close to power lines, or to install lighting for an athletic field.

Call us today at 973-633-5050 to arrange for bucket truck services.

We can handle any project, no matter the scope and complexity

If you need someone to repair hard-to-reach electrical issues, we'll send a bucket truck electrician to your location.

We can repair and install:

Street lights
Exit signs
High parking lot lighting
Sports field lighting

If you need elevated electrical assistance, the team at Masten Electric can help. Our bucket truck work is quick and safe.

Contact us today to speak with a dedicated bucket truck electrician.